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Legendary Swords From Mythology and Folklore

Legends about heroes and gods often feature swords with supernatural properties that give their wielder invincibility or even “eat away” the sky.

Such swords often represent power for good in legends of heroes and gods. This article will be great learning for you out of your usual gameplay schedule on Yoakim Bridge.

Irish legend has it that Manannan Mac Lir, the overseer of another world, owns two identical swords named Fraoch; one he bestows upon Cu Chulainn of Red Branch warrior, Gae Bulg, can only be thrown with one foot.

1. Dainsleif

Dainsleif first appears as an NPC in the We Will Be Reunited quest and is expected to become playable with the expansion that introduces Khaenri’ah. A member of its royal guard before it was destroyed 500 years before Genshin Impact, Dainsleif earned himself the name Twilight Sword due to his ability to penetrate armor of enemies he faced off against. Unfortunately he failed in stopping Archons’ destruction of Khaenri’ah and was condemned to immortality as his people turned into Hilichurls and Abyss Heralds.

Dainsleif is a potent weapon with supernatural properties that make it nearly indefeatable. It boasts an eye-catching star-sharp blade and its hilt is covered with precious gems and gold. Furthermore, this sword can cut through steel as easily as stone; even monster skin has fallen prey. Most notably however, any wounds caused by Dainsleif never heal completely – leaving anyone standing before its blade with nothing but injuries from this legendary weapon to fear!

This sword was crafted by the Dwarves for King Hogni, warning him about its curse, but he nonetheless used it. Due to this decision, his sword became one that never missed its target; one stroke would kill and had a sinister aura when drawn.

Dainsleif will come across an Abyss Herald who seems to recognize him. Although they attempt to stop Traveler, she manages to fight and subdue this being without physical contact – Dainsleif can then approach Traveler explaining that she is part of the royal guard and their mission is to reclaim Temple.

The Traveler can approach Dainsleif and learn that he has been tracking down the Herald, an unsettling being who commands Abyss Heralds. Dainsleif offers his help but cautions him that Celestia has cursed him and memory loss is beginning to affect him; nonetheless he remains loyal to Khaenri’ah even when its people seem like monsters; always placing their needs before his own.

2. Ame-no-Murakumo

Ame-no-Murakumo, also known as Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi or the Grass Cutting Sword in Japanese, is an iconic sword with profound significance to Japan. As part of their Imperial Regalia it symbolizes valor. Legend holds that Amaterasu Omikami received this sword from her grandson Ninigi and it has since passed through generations until eventually being given to her descendents of Japan’s imperial family as an emblematic reminder.

Telepathically connecting with its wielder, as well as having the capacity of absorbing divine powers aimed at it or Godou, the sword has authority over weather patterns and can incarnate steel with unknown abilities; its wielder can use this sword to unleash lightning bolts upon their enemies.

As you might imagine, Ame-no-Murakumo is an incredibly potent weapon and its wielders often serve as heroes in mythology. Unfortunately, its power comes with a cost: Ame-no-Murakumo’s inherent danger has led Godou never to use it even during battles against demons of the Otherworld.

Legend holds that Hoki-no-Kuni Yasutsuna created this sword sometime between the 10th and 12th centuries AD, making it a National Treasure now kept at Tokyo National Museum. What’s interesting is its blade features a significant curvature unlike modern straight katanas.

One of the more well-known legends associated with Ame-no-Murakumo revolves around its success in defeating Shuten-doji, an evil ogre that terrorized Izu Province. To combat him, clan leader Yamato Takeru sought help from Susanoo, Shinto god of storms and sea. When Susanoo killed eight-headed Orochi serpent and cut one tail off its eight heads, he granted Yamato Takeru Ame-no-Murakumo to him to help him defeat treacherous warlord. Henceforth the sword became known as Grass-Cutting Sword after its successful use against Shuten-doji.

Once the blade was used to kill its target, Izanagi dismantled it and scattered its pieces across Japan, eventually becoming eight of Japan’s eight biggest active volcanoes. Later, Hirohito (Izanagi’s brother) reassembled it back into its full form.

3. Asi

From human history’s early days onward, stories have often depicted warriors and their battles as epic tales, often with weapons that had special properties that gave their heroes an advantage on the battlefield – swords often known by their owners even today as legendary weapons.

Legend has it that Asi, an ancient Indian sword, was created by Lord Brahma when the universe was in disarray and needed reordering. According to popular belief, Asi was meant to give its user supernatural strength and speed during combat – although according to legend it had an adverse side that led to several notable rulers falling prey to it.

Medieval people attributed the swords of certain figures from mythology and folklore with magical properties. Excalibur was said to have a special blade in its pommel that could remove enemies without cutting their bodies, while Cu Chulainn, a Celtic warrior known for mastering Gae Bulg (otherwise known as Red Spear), which enabled him to cut through multiple bodies at once before unleashing 30 barbs that would repeatedly strike at those it touched until death was eventually achieved.

Shamshir-e Zomorrodnegar is another mysterious sword with an intriguing past, according to Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh by which it was given to a warlord in 14th century Iran and said to possess the power to defeat demonic creature Fulad-Zereh; when used against Fulad-Zereh it will turn its head and tear off its claws.

Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi and Ame-no-Habakiri swords possess mysterious histories as well. Both these swords resemble early straight-bladed Japanese blades such as tsurugi or ken, which preceded katana. Both these swords possess magical properties allowing their holders to control winds with them; similarly, another notable Japanese blade, Muramasa Katana was cursed by its maker to kill its wielders.

4. Fragarach

Nearly every culture boasts stories of heroes and gods who have done battle with seemingly insurmountable foes – often using legendary swords such as Excalibur or Zulfiqar for assistance.

Fragarach was the sword of Irish god Manannan mac Lir and later Lugh Lamfada that could extract truthful answers from anyone it came in contact with, cutting through any shield or barricade without injury – according to legend if anyone were wounded by its blade, they would surely die!

Gae Ruadh and Gae Ruadh’s sister sword, Gae Ruadh, both came from Manannan mac Lir, an ocean god and Otherworld-overseer of Manannan mac Lir’s Otherworld overseer duties. Later legends claim this spear as being Diarmuid Ua Duibhne’s sword (Diarmuid was Aengus Og’s foster son). Notably it featured two prongs which allowed it to hit multiple enemies simultaneously and ignore shields completely.

Manannan mac Lir was famous for possessing another spear that could penetrate even the toughest armor effortlessly, leaving permanent wounds that couldn’t heal and being one of the most fearsome weapons in Celtic mythology.

Gram, famously used by Sigurd in the Volsunga Saga to kill Fafnir the dragon, is another legendary weapon from Norse mythology. When hit, its single wound produced thirty barbs that would cause bleeding that would ultimately kill its victim.

Fragarach is an iconic weapon found within Cadence of Hyrule that can be found within any future Hyrule maze after exploring each floor and completing various challenges. It deals four points of damage per hit and can pass most defenses including Iron Knuckles and Darknuts without trouble.

This legendary blade is an invaluable asset in Cadence of Hyrule. It can be used against some of the game’s toughest enemies such as Darknuts and Iron Knuckles, and especially useful when fighting Fulad-Zereh (an undead cultist with demonic presence that must be defeated using this deadly blade).