Premium Swords Production

OlliN Sword Design is committed to creating fully-functional and display custom and production swords and arms for the discerning customer. 

About Our Swords

Our swords and arms are by all definitions, functional. Every sword is constructed with using high carbon steel that is shaped and heat treated for strength and flexibility. Each blade uses a full tang ensure the greatest durability. We cannot speak to how our swords might be used by an individual once they have purchased an OlliN sword nor can we speak to their knowledge and skill level of sword play. This is why our site disclaimer is written as each piece is intended for display. This should not detract from the ability to use the swords as they were originally meant to be used.  Each piece is carefully designed and assembled to ensure a quality sword that is durable and will last a long time, from point to pommel.

brown wooden handle bar on brown wooden table



Each piece is handmade generally using 1075 high carbon steal and utilizing the process of stock removel.


It is then heat treated for strength, flexiblitiy, and longevity.


We use 1/4″ 1075 or 5160 steel to start most projects. We will use other steels and sizes to fit the needs for custom orders.

Mission Statement

OlliN Sword is committed to design and create artistic, arms and sculpture that push the limits of creativity, and provide customer service that exceeds expectations as the result of our passion for inventiveness, creativity, professionalism, quality, and vision.